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finalzanmato's Guide to Golden Bat

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First off, what is Golden Bat?
  • Golden Bat is a mini raid boss. You need to get his drops in order to access HellBreaker. which is another raid boss. HB will be discussed in another guide; which is soon to come. smile.gif

Where is Golden Bat located?
  • You can find Golden Bat down at the Capybara Plantation. Capy Plantation is located in Albertal.

What is Golden Bats spawn time?
  • Actually, everyone I asked doesn't know. D:

What levels are preferred before encountering him?
  • Lvl 100+

Who should I bring?
  • A tank to aggro GB
  • Ranged DPS is a must.

How does Golden Bat attack?
  • Simple, GB just... stomps the floor. But it does AOE damage and can one shot players.

How do we kill it?
You can either:
  • A ) Have a tank get the capybara buff and have him/her tank GB. To get the buff, you need 200 Capybara food which is an easily farmable drop in the Capy Plantation. They can also be found in Albertal but do not drop as frequently compared to capy plantation. Once you have 200 capy food, take them to a food pack. The locations of capy food packs are: G3, E4, G7 and F9. Once the tank puts in 200 capy food in a food pack, he or she will get a 10 minute buff that makes Golden Bat tankeable.
  • B ) Have someone draw Golden Bat aggro and kite him. Have DPS stay on him and beat him down.

What does Golden Bat drop?
  • All Golden Bat will drop is capybara keys.
What do I do with capy keys?
  • You need a total of 12 keys in order to fight HB. Or you can open up treasure chests located around the plantation.
Anything else?
  • Golden Bat can be debuffed like poison or apocolypse.
  • Golden Bat spawns on both channels.
  • Faith of the Capybara is the buff you get by filling up the food pack(s). It is a 10 minute buff that lowers the Golden Bat's AR/DR by 2.


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