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There have been highly unannounced changes within v5.0 patch. Many things have changed, for instance: Promotion no longer requires "Veteran/Expert/Master Promotion Scrolls", they simply require Shiny Crystals; but to get the extra +AR/DR, you have to Awaken your character by using a scroll similar to the Promotion Scroll (still found in Cash Shop). And also, premium-only UPC's are now completely free! Upon completing their quests, you have the choice to receive them by giving them Shiny Crystals or another free item they ask for, or by giving them their originally wanted items (Mysterious Powders+). Many things have changed without notice, so the wiki will need a lot of updating to cope with this patch. If you come across any old information, try to update it immediately, or send a message to a moderator and someone will try and fix it. CLICK HERE to add new information so it can be distributed across the wiki.


Welcome to Wiki Of The New World, a fan-made wiki of the massively multiplayer online game Sword 2 (formerly Sword of the New World: Granado Espada), licensed in North America and Europe by GamersFirst. Here you'll find info about items, characters, quests, and much more. This wiki, like all wikis, is a nonstop work in progress. We need your help to fill in the wiki. So if you have any information that helps the site, add it. If you find anything about the wiki that you think should be changed but don't have the privileges to change (i.e. page movement), let us know. Ask before posting a link to off-site guides, etc.

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Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
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Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
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Sword 2 News:

June 1, 2010: Patch 4.1
Patch 4.1 has been released to the live servers as an open beta. Some the new additions are already found here on wiki such as the new Elite 96 armors, the MMA questline, the battle arena "instanced raids" for zones, new premium zone map (Sacred Titan's Remorse), new stances, and more. Expect updates on some pages over the next few weeks as information gets updated. We will need your help in doing this so feel free to join us. You can view the full patch notes here. (will link once Nueme decides to post them)

February 24, 2010: PATCH 3.4
The long awaited patch 3.4 is finally here. Aside from the introduction of new UPCs Ania and Hellena, 3.4 also marks the entrance of the Arsene Circus raid, as well as the first of the team buffs. Other notable changes include a 48 hour Market Manager item period, Master level promotion, numerous changes in the Cash Shop, OCP & SS dropping in the AA, increased family points for Veteran characters and above, the Pigling pet, new costumes, new weapons, a spinnelle time limit (if the spinnelle monster doesn't engage a target in 10 minutes, it disappears), improved server performance within the Secret Tower, an increased drop rate for Dr. Lorenzo's diary for the Expert stance quest, Feso stones are now tradable, and most notably, the 100 point ability scale. You can view the full patch notes here.

As usual, the Wiki is not yet updated with most of the new content. We need YOUR help in adding all the new information in. So instead of whining, take the initiative and upload relevant information with regard to the new content.

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