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Welcome to Wiki Of The New World, a fan made wiki of the game Sword of the New World: Granado Espada. Here you'll find info about items, UPCs, quests, and much more. This wiki, like all wikis, is a nonstop work in progress. We need your help to fill in the wiki. So if you have any information that helps the site, add it. If you find anything about the wiki that you think should be changed but don't have the privileges to change (i.e. page movement), let us know. See below for our contact information.

Ask before posting a link to off-site guides, etc. If we (The Moderators) approve, we will post a link on the main page as a fan site. Otherwise, we will delete your link and ban your IP/subnet if further abused.

Remember to check out the "Must look" links on the bottom of this page, to see more pages that have usefull sword of the new world info. If you know of a page, that has info related to Sword or Granado Espada in general, send a PM to Weaz or Loth and they will check it out and add it.

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Unique Player Characters
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world
Raid Bosses

Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world

Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the new world

Oct 02: New official site!
Just like the title says. The people at G1 finally launched the new Sword of the new world portal. It looks way better than the old one =P For now you can access the portal from the following address:


The old site is still running under the same domain name so until they fix that, feel free to bookmark the new official portal.

More on this here.

Sep 21: El Dorado is open.
As the elections are now finished, the road to Errac is now accessible. If you need a little help entering the new area, you can find a preliminary quest guide here, and in the official sGE updates/patch notes. Alternatively, check out Stronghartt's thread at the official forums.

Sep 16: 3.0 is Live!
Yup! that's right, the Echoes of an Empire expansion is finally live. What can I say... those words should be enough for today right? haha

Here's the link to the original announcement thread.

Sep 09: Montoro the test server is open!
Volktreau has just posted that the test server is now open for players who made a purchase within the past 30 days. Note that in order to play, you'll need to make another copy of the Sword installation folder. Instructions with regard to patching and playing in the test server can be found in Volktreau's post. View it here.

Sep 01:
3.0 =o... closer than before

1 Month, yes... one month with no news. Actually, the news came earlier xD we just didn't want to post them here just yet. Neume posted about the status of the 3.0 expansion, and you can check the full thread here. They've been discussing the thread since Aug 28 so, join the fun.

And as for the wiki stuff, we started to collect info on all of the Raids in the game =P We've been working offline on a new format for the lists of raids, and we'll have a sepparate page for each one and an index.

If you have any ideas on what should be changed (even on the home page), feel free to send one of the active mods/admin/or loth a msg, and after we discuss what's best, we'll apply it or use it for a next format edit.

July 29: New SoTnW Forums
Well, I was planning on posting this once the forum move was "complete" but since the forum's already visible to everyone I decided to let you all know =P

The SoTnW forums are going to be closed down soon, once that happens the new forums will be located on the GamersFirst portal. There's already a lot of information over there and the comunity is way bigger since the forum holds other G1 games.

You can check the Beta of the Forum here.

The new forums have language specific areas, so if you didn't post on the old forum for fear of not finding someone that could understand your language, that's not a problem anymore.

There are a few changes on the community guidelines, so make sure you check them out before posting. Other than that =P just have fun over there.

Aug 05 Update: The old forums are now closed, to discuss the game you can use the new official forums, the wiki posting system, or portcoimbra's forums.

July 17: The merge day is upon us
So next week, the sotnw forums will be moved to the gamersfirst website. You will have a fresh start over there, and you might need to hurry if you want to keep your original forum name.

There are a few things that are changing when we move, signatures will need to be on a 500px/150px range and the rules seem more clear now. Check them out here (those are from warrock, but they apply to most games, I'll update the link once we get a sotnw rules thread).

On a side note, if you are Brazilian or understand portuguese you should check out
Foro Brazilero

The Brazilian fan forum, they have a lot of great information and an awesome brazilian comunity pronto para ajudar.

Jul 8th: Update Time
=P the rest of 2.9 was finally released; expect more news on 3.0 in a few weeks. PortCoimbra already updated their database to the new version of Sword.

Here are the Threads discussing the update:
  1. G1-Neume's Topic
  2. G1-Guinn's Topic

Jul 1st: The return of the Database.
Today's the day, Portcoimbra is officially updated. =P Lots of new stuff and features were added, for the enjoyment of the GE players.

Port Coimbra

There's a thread on the forums, discussing this; you can find it here.

Also, we are in July; which means we are closer to 2.9(pt 2) now :o

Oh, and Neume came back to Sword here's his welcome thread; and here's an interesting topic about the future of the forums.

Jun 25: Port Coimbra will come back!
Well, it's official; The team behind PortCoimbra.com finally made an official announcement. Portcoimbra.com will be updated! For those new to SoTnW, Portcoimbra was the first database of SoTnW (and the site was awesome). Now they are making it even better.

Keep checking for updates, this is one FanSite that you don't want to miss (THAT GOES for ALL Granado Espada Players not only SoTnW).

For more info, about the site visit their forums or the original Portcoimbra.com site.

Jun 07: Forums are up
What the title says =P

The forums are up and working.

Jun 05: El Puerto Coimbra funciona!
For those of you that don't check the old database, for more than the server status. There's some nifty information on their main page. For example, today they posted an easy to use executable, that's aimed to those having problems connecting to the servers.

"Update - 06/05/2009 - 12:31AM PDT:
Small Fix program to help those still having trouble connecting to the servers. http://www.portcoimbra.com/media/SotNWFix.exe
Run and point it to your Sword of the New World install directory (default: C:\Program Files\Sword of the New World\).
Quote from www.portcoimbra.com

And about the sword status, the only info we've got is what you can see on the twitter page (no need to pm us asking when the forums will go back up
=P) if we find something else we'll let you know ASAP. Guinn is on vacation, so for now keep an eye on SOTNW.

May 31: End-of-the-weekend-itis (...That has nothing to do with House)
Nice weekend huh? No sword to bind your soul to a pc, you were free to go to the beach or stay at home bothering your little brother with a pencil and a robber ball.

I'm sure you've all noticed that the main SoTnW site and game servers have been down since last maintenance. Well, don't worry they will be back up soon (as in... Not today soon) if everything goes well.

I would like to remind everyone that K2 DOES NOT WORK ON WEEKENDS. That means that no mather what people say, they can't really fix something if they aren't in the office =P

If you've been stalking K2Guinn on twitter, you probably already know about the "SoTnW twitter account". =P if you don't just take a look at the rss feed bellow.

So, what do we have here? Inside information on the status of sword. Follow that account to avoid falling on the bad rumor frenzy that's been attacking the websites for the last 3 days.

Enjoy =P

May 11: Back to the Future!

Ok, on to the good stuff. Its been Months, since the last update; sorry about that. I've (loth) been busy with college and I'm pretty sure weaz's been busy as well [I've been busy with grad school, I'll be done in 5 weeks, and then I'll start updating content and adding maps = ) ] (the mods keept the site clean though, thanks guys =P).

Yesterday K2Raiden left a "note" on the forum, giving the community a status of sword.

""K2-Raiden: As with great civilizations or the humanity itself, SNW also has its phases. Currently we are going through a phase which I have come to call as "the dark ages". The situation in-game is not that pretty as we would want it to be. I wish I knew what brought on this. But I am not going to waste my time digging up the past just to blame a particular incident.

We understand that we haven't communicated very well in the past with the community and you guys are ticked. It wasn't intentional. With the amount of craziness that is going on inside the office, it became almost impossible to do it.

Currently we are facing numerous issues and a bunch of challenges that are proving to be a true test to our dreams. A dream of new age in SNW that if I speak about it, the community might laugh at me for it. But I have full confidence in the Sword team and I know that they will rise up and over come any and all hurdles that are standing in their path.

Today marks the beginning of the end of The Dark Ages. Starting with the forum issues to the server issues, things are going to change and it will.

Raven; along with IMC is working on the dupers and cheater issue. Guinn; along with the QA team is working on the new patch. The entire CS team is working in full capacity to investigate and unban the legit accounts that were banned. Frequent meetings are held between IMC and Raven. Actually they are in constant touch through IMs and e-mails and phone.

The wheels are turning in our favor. I wish I could show the result this very minute. However I guarantee that you will see it and feel it by yourself. I believe in letting my actions speak for itself rather than announce changes before they are done and act like a complete moron who just keeps on telling about things to come. But from what I have seen so far in the forum, the community needs to know.

We urge you to be patient with us and see the grand finale of the dark ages. We also expect your full support and co-operation while we break all the bounds and challenges and present to you that Sword of the New World that you and I want to see.""
Original Thread here.

There's a lot more info on the thread, so check it out to stay updated. Raiden gave the community what they've been asking for; but what about Guinn?
Well, Guinn's been busy; WRITING ON TWITTER! no joke...

=P feel free to stalk him >>> K2-Guinn
He will be posting news and little details of the 3.0 expansion and other sword related stuff there.

I have a feeling that Sword's going to get a great "positive" effect this summer, so don't give up on the waiting. This time "Soon" means soon. =P

March 14: SoTnW.com download problem... And NEWS1! OMG!
Well, its been a long time since the "Download page does not work" problem was reported, and well... its still there. Since nothing has been done, I'll just leave a reference of what the "download" page used to be. And I'll leave active links so any frustrated gamer that wants to play sword can find the working download links.

So, without any further ado I leave you with the working download links.

Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
Free Mirrors

Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
Download size: 3x 1.4gb
Client Version: 2.4.16
Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World also has an active download link.

So, there you have it; those were the last "working" links that were posted in the main site along with the last cached pictures.

And some info about the wiki; we need someone that can code a server status RSS feed. If you know of someone that is bored enought to do the job, just let me (lothmak) or Weazer know. .

NEXT the good stuff, 4 days ago K2-Guinn decided to finally post some neat answers to the questions about the future of sword.

So here is the Good News -
We are on the process of having better relationship with our developers. This means..
1. Further content updates
2. Bug fixes
3. Better server support - initiated already, the results will be visible soon
4. More exciting stuffs

We will have the rest of version 2.9 and then 3.0 hitting QA team soon. The bugs will have to be identified and then fixed by the developers based on the priority levels and only then it will be hitting live - as for when that is going to be, what contents will be in the patches, what the ETA is going to be??- a wee bit too soon to say right now. I will promise to update you.

I am afraid that you have been facing the wrath of the sleepless technical engineers who swear by their beds recently. So since the last many days, all servers were upgraded and server stability has been the primary focus of these poor (yea right!?) techno geeks.
One of the questions raised "what exactly does K2 do?" *A techie shouts from behind* WE DO MAINTENANCE!

On a more serious note to answer that question, we will have regular patching, regular website updates, better communication with the player base, stable servers and better in-game support.

There's some extra info on the thread, so make sure you check it out (if you haven't yet...).

March 06: Alive!?
We still exist, some of us have been busy with school or work, and the content is still being updated as always (we know what you are changing). So keep up the good work guys, and let us know if you need something. ~WeazerDevil

Feb 06: News?
Well, its been 2 months since something interesting happens on SoTnW. And sadly nothing has happened yet; BUT the users are still pretty active and we can't forget our favorite fan video creator Yhujins. The latest creations are more driven to the new players of sword, so they can have an idea of how awesome the game can be. Enjoy one of the fan Music video of SoTnW by Yhujins (also, check his youtube channel to see more of his videos).

That one is the A Style, he made 2 more, check the original thread here to check those out.

I should also mention, that since there aren't any news about the next expansion, and since we have most of the info already; there won't be any weekly news until the expansion comes up.

The next news will probably have more info about the wiki itself and the most resent forum news. =P So yah... we aren't dead, we just don't have anything to write in this section xD (yet...).

We invite you to check out the MMOsite.com website, it has the best information for any MMO:

Must look links:
Sotnw Website Banner

Sword of the new world Fan Sites:
If you want to add your page, tell a mod. (current mods - mooferz, Lothmak, WeazerDevil, friedrice8791.)

Port Coimbra
PhoeniK's Fansite - Port of Coimbra -
Old DataBase proyect. With Game server Status list (you won't feel lost when emergency maints come)

    Other Granado Espada sites:
    These sites have a lot of usefull info, but not all of it might be in "par" with our version of GE.

    Wiki Of The New World - Wiki of the New World
    http://wordwood.merseine.nu/GranadoEspada/ - A great new database, with monster drop tables and full area maps

    Note: The Websites that are in Bold, are our recommended sites.
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