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Level: 114
HP: 7960800
Classification: Human
Armor: Middle Armor
Element: No Attribute
Size: Medium
Attack Rating: 59
Defense Rating: 59
Attack: 7356
Defense: 234
Fire Resistance: 35
Ice Resistance: 35
Lightning Resistance: 35
Mental Resistance: 61

Location: Reboldeaux Scarlet Undergroundreb sewers (map)
  • Undertaker is located at room 7 of the Sewers. Basically, upon reaching the fork leading to the gate to El Dorado, head right or east instead of proceeding to the gate.
  • As the Undertaker is within the Sewers, you will need to have finished the Bahamar quest line to enter.

Spawn Time: 8-9 Hours
  • Upon spawning, all families camping room 7 will be ported to room 1, the entrance from Queen's Gate.
  • You will not be able to exit normally upon entering room 7 when the Undertaker is up. You must wait for it to go down before you can exit normally. Warping and returning to your barracks will function as normally though.
  • Whenever the Undertaker spawns, all monsters within the Reboldeaux Sewers gain a temporary buff.
  • While Undertaker is alive, the gate to El Dorado is locked.
  • When the Undertaker is taken down, a message declaring that "Magical powers have disappeared" will be displayed throughout the Sewers. This is exceptionally helpful to find out the downtime, specially if you just happened to chance upon it.

Recommended Classes: Standard

  • Elite Series recipes (rare)
  • 28dr Level 92 Elite armor recipes (rare)
  • Level 100 normal items

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