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The Wizard

The Following Guide, will try to give you knowledge on how to use your wizard at its fullest. This Guide won’t tell you how to level your wiz, or where to get your equipment; this is more like a helping hand, on getting your wiz to the top by teaching you the basic player skills needed to succeed.
“Why do we fall, sir? So we learn how to pick ourselves up”
~John Wayne – Batman Begins

Main Atribute: Mind
Armor Type: Coat (Soft armor)
Weapon Type: Staff/Rods
The Wizard - Training your Player Skills - Wiki of the new world

I. Important Questions:
What’s the Wizard’s job?
The Wizard is the main debuffer and magical defense buffer in the game. They can use attack stances which help in pve and pvp. Most of the spells have a faster cast time than those from the Nuke class (Elementalist) and that’s were they shine the most.

Imac2much gave a great explanation on the wiz job;
Wizards are generally the master of utility and trickery; they're not as powerful as Elementalists or as durable as melee, but their own bag of tricks allows them to often come out on top in several areas.

What characters work well with the wizard?
Any class works great with the wizard. For a wizard pvp team, I recommend teaming your wiz up with a Musk or Ele for massive damage combos (a fighter's good too, but you won't deal as much damage). For pve the wizard can help any class, so don’t worry about a “specific” pve wiz team.

Any specific equipment for this training?
You will need good equipment once you hit veteran status. Before this, just buy the equipment you feel its needed to pass a level. What you should be looking for, is Weapons with extra Atk% and armors with Def, mag resistance or HP mods.

II. Stances and Skills:
First, let’s look carefully at the wizard’s stances and skills:
(Note: you get the rest of the stances from the Master Wizard, in any of the Master rooms of the cities)

Personal Skill: Magic Shield

Psychokinetic – Attack Stance (Staff and Rods)
Strike Back – A knockdown spell, it deals a fair amount of damage but it can’t be used on an enemy that’s already on the floor.
Web – Immobilizes flying and ground enemies, while on Web your enemies won’t be able to cast skills, move or even use healing pots. This is a debuff spell, so if you use any of the debuff skills in the debuff stances the effect will disappear.
Earthquake – Another Knockdown spell, this one sends the enemies high in the air giving you a chance to prepare another hit.
Apocalypse – This is an attack and debuff spell. If you cast it and successfully apply the Apocalypse effect to the enemy, your enemy wont be able to cast skills for 20 seconds (Yes this includes the personal skills of your enemy, so bye bye healers)

Levitation – Attack Stance (Staff and Rods): You will fly, so in this mode you won’t get hit by ground units or small mobs.
Reverse – Just like the Web skill, this one immobilizes flying and ground enemies but unlike Web. Reverse send ground units flying and puts flying units on the ground. Again, this is an immobilize skill, so your opponent wont be able to use pots, skills, etc.
Photon Splash – A full AoE skill, it will hit every enemy in range of the casting circle with Mind attacks.
Hole of Darkness – An attack stance with an added bonus. HoD has a chance to stun the enemies. Once you use it, the enemies will be pulled to the center of your casting circle after receiving the corresponding damage.

ESP – Defensive Buffs (Rods): These skill do not stack with themselves
Spiritual Shield – Increases your Mind/Spirit Resistance
Anti-Magic Shield – Increases your Elemental Resistance
Protection Field – Highly increases your Def value. The only downside is that you can’t use pots with it and it doesn’t last long.
Dispel Magic – Cancels the SP of everyone inside the casting circle for the duration of the skill (includes your characters and even allies). This skill also removes debuffs and buffs.

Incantation – Veteran Defensive Buffs (Rod): These skills do not stack with the ESP Buffs and themselves.
Magic Barrier – Has a chance of ignoring any Magic type attack. (elemental and mind)
Ignore Harm – Has a chance of ignoring any debuff attack or skill.
Invulnerability – Your Character will become Invulnerable for the duration of the skill.
Howling of Heaven – Puts enemies inside the casting circle in the state of fear.

Illusionist – Debuffs (Staff)
Sandman – Puts enemies to sleep.
Magical Piercing – Significantly lowers magical resistances (mind and elemental)
Retardi – Lowers the enemy’s atk, atk speed and movement speed.
Invisible Stalker – Puts your team in the invisible status. You can’t use skills while being invisible.

Anathema – Veteran Debuffs (Staff)
Confusion – Has a chance of putting the enemies in a confused state.
Enervation – Has a similar effect to retardi
Curse – Causes enemies to receive double physical damage.
Stone Disease – The ultimate immobility debuff, it puts the enemies into a stone stat, increasing their Def. (They will still receive normal damage from magic)

III. A. Beginning of your Wizard Training:
Now, you’ve seen these skills already in your character stances; but what you don’t know is what they are good for and when is the best time to use them.

The Personal Skill is probably the most useful buff for a wizard in the game, once applied your wizard will receive a small % of the total damage received by a character, and not only that, the damage will be reduced from your SP instead of your HP. For Example:
Your wizard is fighting a Fighter, you activate the buff.
The Fighter Attacks you (normally that fighter would inflict 1000 damage per hit) since you already have the buff, you will receive 1 HP damage, and will loose 89 SP (9% of the total damage in SP).

Now for the first stance of your wizard, you should use psy any way you want in the lower levels. Since is your first and only stance, you won’t have to bother with Combos yet. You can still practice multi skill usage if you have a musk or fighter or another mage type in your team. Just try using Web and then using other skills with the rest of your team, you should notice that web is one of the most useful wiz skills for pvp.

Note that some of the debuffs and effects won’t be applied to some bosses so experiment a little with the psy stance until you get Illusionist and ESP.

When leveling your wizard, you might notice that some type of monsters do more damage to your wiz than to the other classes. This is because the wizard's armor is Soft Type, and monsters/players that use light weapons will do extra damage, so when fighting those type of mobs its preferible to let the other characters do the hands in battle, and use the wiz from afar.

To check what type of mob you're fighting, you should alt + right click them, the screen that will appear shows the monster resistances, type and more useful info.

Your wizard uses Mind type damage, so a monster with "-" mind resistance will recieve a lot more damage than a normal mob. Earthquake is pretty handy when active leveling, you might want to try take the aggro with one of your characters, then use earthquake to kill the mobs. Exp gaining should be faster if you know how to use your aoe's, so practice and level until you get enough level for the next stance, ESP.

Ok, now that you have the basic wiz stances, you should ask yourself what the main role of your wizard will be in your current team. You have 2 choices, Buffs or Attack (for now).

The Buffs are a handy thing for lots of occations. You can raise your team's magical resistance, or even make a tank of any character by using protective field. Now that you have enough level, go ahead and buy the ESP stance. Note that to use this stance, you will need a Rod type weapon. The buffs in this stance, should help with you with your active leveling just like the scout buffs; why? because some monsters have a specific element, and with the magical resistance buffs you can defend against them and kill them with no problem. Also this stance is one of the best when pvp'ing other mage types. The Dispel skill will leave any character SP/Buffless giving you a chance on killing them with ease. Once you gain enought level to use a Staff, go ahead and buy the Illusionist stance.

If debuffs are your thing, then you probably like pvp too. Now, you can use the Illusionist stance any way you want, but I recommend the practicing of combinations from low levels; that way you will be ready when you reach vet and the combos start to show more decency. Illusionist might seem like a week stance at first, but just try it out a little, I'm pretty sure you'll love it. Sandman is probably the only week skill here; it disables the opponent, as long as you don't attack it (and the max time it will stay sleep, will be like 20 sec). But magical piercing and retardi shows more nerve when playing, Magical piercing will lower the enemy magical resistance (all resistances) making any enemy vulnerable to magical attacks, this means that if your Strike back did 2k damage, it will do 4k damage to a magical pierced enemy (pretty handy huh?). Retardi makes the enemy walk slow, attack slow, and regen slowly; its the perfect setting spell for any skill train.

If you like both stances, then just keep a rod and a staff in your inventory at all time, and switch them when necessary.

Once you reach level 50 or so, your family level would be level 5; now people can PK you or you can PK them. To enter Baron mode (pk mode), just right click another fam lvl 5 player and select Baron Mode; once you enter baron mode the only way to get out of it is by kill monsters until your Baron value goes to 0 (to see your baron value, check your Family information). If you die in Baron mode, there's a chance that you will drop an item from your inventory so be careful.

Keep working on your Buff and Debuff stances for now, you are close to getting the levitation stance.

III. B. Comboing Part 1
To start using your Wiz full potential, you should be able to multi cast skills. This means changing stances to cast more than one skill to a single enemy (in other Words – Combinations or Combos).

Until now, you only have Psy, ESP and Illusionist; once you master them you can start to show off your wiz abilities until you get levitation. Let’s practice some combos now.

To combo, you will need a damage dealer (another Wiz, an Ele, fighter or musk).

The first thing you should try is what I call “Slow Kill”
Ask a friend to pvp with you, that way you can practice this before using it in the battle field. The formation is important to combo, so for the slow kill send a decoy to the enemy (not to far from your team) and once the enemy starts attacking it, use web on the area you predict the skill is going to send your decoy. Now just send your damage dealer to kill HIS damage dealer, since its webbed, just kill it normally or spam skills. You can even try to kill it with your wiz alone (web + apocalypse + earthquake + web -> repeat). After killing his Damage dealer, just go for his scout, etc. Feel free to try anything extra with your wiz.

You should also practice your dual casting; using a skill with casting time while another skill is already being cast. For example, cast magical piercing while your allied ele is casting infernal flames. There are more ways to use this combo, just use your imagination ;)

Another combo you should try is the Skill train, for this one you should have at least 1 extra character with Skills that use casting circle. The basic idea is to cast a spell, and use another spell on top of the first caster. That way if the enemy attacks it first, he will be hit by the spell. Let’s say 0 is a casting circle, and “a” are the characters. You will basically protect “a” with the second casting circle.
Like this; a -> @ -> 0 the 2 “a” are the casters and the circles are 0, the center caster is inside the casting circle to avoid being killed.

IV. A. Wizard Training Continues…
There are Waaayy to many combos to list here, let’s just move to the stance you should get next, Levitation.

Levitation will give you more than 50% advantage for all occasions, since you will be flying, the only thing you should be worried about are musks. This will not only tell you what you should be looking out for, but it tells you what type of character you should hunt first in pvp/pk. Knowing this, you practically use the only down side in levitation for your own advantage.

Some fighters have skills to take down flying units, so avoid full confrontation with those types of characters or monsters until you master the Master Lock (we’ll see this soon). A levitating wiz comes in handy in some raids where it’s required a fast tank; the wiz can fly around in a circle while the rest of the players hit the boss or whatever they’re killing. So, now you don’t only have a Mage, you have a Debuffer, Buffer, Tank and Support character; pretty nice huh?

IV. B. Comboing Part 2
After Mastering Levitation, you should try the basic combos (HoD + earthquake) or complex combos (Magical piercing + hod + strike back) or even the Advance Support Combos (Web + Reverse + Web + Reverse < that’s the Master Lock). You probably already know how to use your other characters with your wiz right? Remember Reverse puts ground units on the air, making them completely vulnerable to Bird Fall, or Harpon and Web.

Try practicing your new combos, and come up with your own (remember that there are way to many, and I don’t plan on listing them here… yet =P)

V. A. On the Road to Vet:
Depending on what team you are using with your wiz, you should always check what type of mob you’re fighting (alt + right click on a mob). Avoid Mind Resistance mobs when grinding with your wiz. Level 80 – 90 its probably the hardest level for a wiz (since the monsters in Fire Isle have Resistance against Mind, and the other mobs of that level have more hp than a wiz alone can handle). So you should try to do most of the grinding with other classes, and keep the wiz for support (you can still use him for grinding if you want, I just find it better for support in these levels)

Ok, so you finally got your Vet Wizard, congratulations!
Remember to put the Extra Stat point on Int, to make your wiz more powerful. (That should be enought Int, for him; the expert point should go to Con or Agi; a Wiz dosen't need to much Int since he's a main debuffer/buffer and his attacks ignore Def, just make sure to have him between the AR difference of 5 against your opponents DR)

V. B. The Vet Stances
Until now you have 80% of the full power of the wiz, why? Because you still need the veteran stances. Let’s get you the last set of stances for your wiz.

To get the veteran stances, you need some special items to buy them. The Wiz’s vet stances are:

Incantation and Anathema

To get the book of Incantation you need an Old Book of Magic and 50 Mega Ionium. To get anathema you need another book of magic and 50 Mega Aidanium. You can check in the city master room, with the Master Wiz npc for any text changes in these stances. Just select Buy Veteran Stance Books and he will tell you what you need.

Once you buy the books, you finally can start the road to Expert. You might notice that the veteran stances are just extensions to the basic buff and debuff stances, so the combos should work in the same concept. The Incantation stances have a bright effect (literally) so avoid using that in raids unless the raid leader tells you. The Wizards have different roles in Big Battles, make sure to ask the questions to your leader before starting anything.

VI. Your Wiz and a Clan:
Your Wiz with 8 Int should be pretty strong, now that you’re a veteran enjoy the game at its fullest. For this part of the game, you should find a good strong clan; the Wizard equipment is hard to find when you’re playing alone. And if you aren’t alone, but are in a weak clan, you won’t be able to do raids or find good equipment. The elite 92 Rod/Staff requires a Steel Series weapon, and that weapon only drop from the Raid Boss Hell Breaker, as you can see the wiz is practically bound to a clan.

VI. A.Beginning of the end (end-game... that is):
The Equipment your wiz should have to try to get to expert is;

84 Elite Wiz Coat (Elite Albaes recommended)
Pioneering Staff/Rod/Special-Rod or an elite 92+ staff/rod/special-rod
SP Gloves < Its good to have them since your wiz uses SP as HP when you use the buff.
Bullet Resistance Necklace - not necesary unless you're planing on pking a lot.
Rings – You can use any ring you want, I recommend Apocalypse and Magic Shield

The Coat is a most have, if you can get 2 of them, do it. Once you get a DR mod, start using chips on the other one until you get the full DR and at least HP mod. You can roll with a Pioneer Coat, until you get the 3dr mod on the elite albaes, since the pioneer equipment has pre-designed stats that are near perfect.

VII. Training Complete:
Well, you finally made it =P Your Wiz will keep evolving, so try to keep your strategy to yourself. You know the way to use a wiz, and you’re prepared for the Last part of the game. Right now you have the knowledge, now you need the practice.

Remember that equipment doesn’t make a player, Skill Does.


VIII. Useful links:
1. Imac2much UPC guide (he explained more of the general concept of the wiz)
2. (if you feel the need to see the wiz equipment)

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