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Bosses Part 2 -  Wiki of the New WorldBosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New World
Race: Armor: Element: Size:
Attack Rating: 64
Defense Rating: 64
LVL: 125

Hp: 20,047,500
Attack: 25,422
Defense: 217
Fire Resistance: 50
Ice Resistance: 50
Lighting Resistance: 50
Mental Resistance: 50

Location: Depth of the crater
Spawn Time:
Need To Know:

Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New  World

Within the depths of the crater, lies the Tombstone of Ferrucio.

A ruthless Lava Queen and her underlings reside in the crater which seems to be sealed by the Tombstone of Ferrucio’s mystical power. Those said to have seen them have never returned.

Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New World

Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New World

There is only one way to break the seal: Before even attempting to break the seal, you will need to collect four insignias - Fire, Ice, Lightning and Darkness, which is rumored to belong to the four Celberos on the Island of Fire. The Tombstone of Ferruccio will tell you that there is a secret number between 1 and random number, e.g. 3538. If the amount of vis you place upon his tombstone is the same amount as the secret number, you will be able to break the seal and unleash Sekhmet. Each time you make an attempt, the tombstone will inform you whether the number you have guessed is higher or lower than the secret answer. You will have a total number of 11 attempts to break the seal, after which you will need to wait a certain number of hours to try again.

Sekhmet is a Level 125 raid boss! Defeat him and one of the most legendary weapons in the world will belong to you!

Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New World

Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New World

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