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Zone 1-4

Important Monsters
Godless Ghost
Godless Ghost
Level: 104
HP: 26037
Attack Rating: 58
Defense Rating: 56
Attack: 2050
Defense: 124
Fire Resistance: 52
Ice Resistance: 52
Lightning Resistance: 52
Mental Resistance: 60
Godless Ghost Drops Ghost's Magical Powder which is needed for Secret Tower - Magic Scroll
Ghost's Magical Powder

Thie Secret Tower - Magic Scroll is required to advance to the final level. It is crafted by Karjalainen through a recipe
bought from the Precious Metals Merchant in City of Auch.

To craft the Secret Tower - Magic Scroll, you will require these items.
  • 100 x Warp Scrolls (Purchase from Leonardo Expreso for 500 Vis each)
  • 20 x Solvent (Purchase from Alchemist NPC for 2000 Vis each)
  • 20 x Mana Stone (Purchase from Alchemist NPC for 41000 Vis each)
  • 1 x Ghost's Magic Powder
This is why its recommended to bring along a Karjalainen to craft the scrolls as you get them so you don't have to redo the first two floors again. One scroll is needed per family and the drop is pretty rare. If you have scrolls ready or are going to farm as you go this level is NOT timed so take as long as you need.

To move on you need to defeat the monsters in this area to retrieve two Secret Tower Key (3rd Floor)
Secret Tower Key (3rd Floor)
One to open any of the 4 zones listed at the top to reach the inner ring and a second one to open either zones listed on this map
Zone 5-6

Here is where you use your Magic Scrolls to warp to the upper level(middle rings)
Secret Tower Warp

Last, follow the pathway up to the stairs and you will be able to create a mission room for Top Level where the final boss General Guard is located
Secret Tower Mission Gate

Now you can move onto the final boss General Guard on Level 4

Level 4

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