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Secret Tower L1

Important Monsters

Elite Ghoul Defender
Elite Ghoul Defender
Level: 118
HP: 117330
Attack Rating: 61
Defense Rating: 59
Attack: 1782
Defense: 193
Fire Resistance: 56
Ice Resistance: 56
Lightning Resistance: 56
Mental Resistance: 32

To begin it is recommended to have three Keys to Strange Device, being N W or E to use on Strange Device N W E respectively
To obtain these defeat Ghoul Defenders, Wraith and Ghost to get the Key to Strange Device. There are total of 3 keys.
Strange Device Key N

Strange Devices

After collecting one of each of the keys, in each Zone(1, 2 and 3), there will be an Elite Ghoul Defender that respawn every 30 minutes. After defeating one a rock will appear that when interacted with looks like this.
Rock Message
Do note that in order to move to Level 2 you need to have killed all 3 Zone defenders and have gotten the latest codes with having only the same person talk to all three. After getting the latest code from each rock move to the center of the map and have the person who interacted with rocks insert the keys to make the Mysterious Portal which actually makes what is a mission lobby for Level 2. Now enter the lobby and have the leader start it when everyone is ready.

Level 2

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