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Rings are used to increase skills beyond level 10. There are 4 types of rings available in the game; Skill, Stance, Resist, and Temporary. Rings can be worn by any character of the required level, however will only be effective with characters that have the appropriate skill/stance that the ring was designed for.
  • Skill Rings offer +1 level to the skill the ring is named for.
  • Stance Rings offer +1 level to all skills for the stance the ring is named for.
  • RES Rings offer protection against various types of attack damage.

There are 4 ways to gain rings in the game.
  • Drop: rings drop in most all areas of the game but are very rare to get from this method.
  • Reward: Completion of voucher quests, using Ferruccio Forge, both of which is rare.
  • Ring Box: a cash shop item that when opened will drop various rings randomly.
  • Feso Shop: all temporary rings can be purchased from the feso shop and will last 30 days from the time they are equipped.

In a future update a ring machine will be added to the game. With this machine players will be able to make stance rings provided that they have all the skill rings for that stance.

The table below list rings for stances. To use these rings you must meet both the level requirement of the ring and have the stance available on the character using it. The left column list the ring's name with a link to the stance page so you can look over which character(s) uses it. The right column lists all the skill rings needed should you decide to make a stance ring once the ring machine is added to the game.

Rings - Wiki of the New World
Skill Rings
Rings - Wiki of the New World
Stance Rings
Rings - Wiki of the New World
RES & Temp. Rings

Level 1 Stance Rings
Skill Rings
Ballista RingMinor Shot, Cannon Bumper, Major Shot
Back Guard - Errac Warrior RingDeep Straight, Earth Tremor, Penta Train, Vortex Slash
Combatant RingBattle Smash, Rolling Thunder, Shoulder Charge, Throwing Axe, Windstorm
Kneeling Shot Auch Infantry RingCharging Shot, Pierce, Execution Shooter
Schiavona RingRising Swing, Turning Bash, Death Blow, Sergeant Break
Standing Shot Auch Infantry RingBirdfall, Blind Flash, Head Shot, Covering Fire, Precision Strike
Straight Shot RingCharging Shot, Crouching Kick, Pierce, Execution Shooter
Targan Shot RingBirdfall, Bayonet Assault, Head Shot, Covering Fire, Precision Strike
Back Guard RingDeep Straight, Earth Tremor, Penta Train, Vortex Slash
Escrima Ring ScoutRajar en Recta, Baile Soleares, Ligera Ventaja, Ilimitada Sierra
Escrima RingRajar en Recta, Dagger Venenosa, Baile Soleares, Ligera Ventaja, Ilimitada Sierra
Marionette RingWalter Control, Lloyd Control, Helena Control, Sasha Control, Victor Control
Medic RingRecover, Resuscitation, Cure All, Mass Cure
Possession Fire RingFireball, Burning Hands, Flame Ground
Possession Ice RingFreezing Spear, Chilling Touch, Frost Cloud, Deluge
Possession Lightning RingLightning, Electric Charger, Shock Wave, Tornado Holding
Psychokinesis RingStrike Back, Web, Earthquake, Apocalypse
Standing Shot RingBirdfall, Blind Flash, Head Shot, Covering Fire, Precision Strike
Level 12 Stance Rings
Hack and Slash RingHexen Dropper, Dust Devil, Gladiator's Bane, Violent Shooting Star
High Guard RingSlash Down, Guardian, Pommel, Stunning Skewer
Middle Guard RingCrescent Moon, Grind Cutter, Assassinate
Level 16 Stance Rings
Amicus RingCall Turry Dog, Hill Giant Summon, Aratat Summon
Level 18 Stance Rings
Bard RingInsistendo, Forte, Accelerando, Meditativo
Construction RingFence Construction, Cannon Turret Construction, Safety Ward Construction, Regeneration Ward Construction, Siegecannon Turret Construction
Install Traps RingDetection, Critical Disease, Invisible String, Explosion
Level 20 Stance Rings
ESP RingSpiritual Shield, Anti Magic Shell, Protection Field, Dispel Magic
Level 24 Stance Rings
Aiming Shot RingSerpent Sting, Double Firing, Snap Shot, Zero In
Blandir Cruz RingBlandir Cadena, Gigante Marcha, Tierra Choque
Defensive Construction RingFence Construction, Spike Trap, Rotating Blade Construction, Concentration Ward Construction, Great Rotating Blade Construction
Freestyle Shot RingWestraid, Triple Firing, The Quick and the Dead
Kneeling Shot RingCharging Shot, Pierce, Execution Shooter
Penetrar Cruz RingHarpoon, Falange Locura, Ciento Penetrar
Plow Guard RingCharge, Vertical Slash, Skyliner, Highlander Soul
Level 30 Stance Rings
Evocation Fire RingHell Breath, Infernal Flames, Meteor Strike
Evocation Ice RingIce Wave, Absolute Zero, Blizzard
Evocation Lightning RingThunderstorm, Chain Lightning, Enchantment Arm
Level 36 Stance Rings
Defending Guard RingSlash Down, Guardian, Earth Tremor, Stunning Skewer
Defending Shot RingBirdfall, Guardian, Head Shot, Covering Fire, Precision Strike
Double-Gun Shot RingWestraid, Bloody Overdrive, Quattro Firing, R.I.P.
Roof Guard RingDread Worm, Genocide, Fury
The Illusionist RingSandman, Magical Piercing, Ritardi, Invisible Stalker
Twin Blades RingHexen Dropper, Dust Devil, Cross Penetration
Level 40 Stance Rings
Heaven or Hell Ring
Pistol Shot, Slash Down, Deadly Infinitum, Grind Cutter, Raging Hell
Martial Elements: Earth RingBlazing Uppercut, Lionheart, Atomic Phoenix Bomber
Martial Elements: Fire RingElbow Flash, Phoenix Swoop, Will of the Warrior, Atomic Tiger Smash
Martial Elements: Ice RingFrost Ignition, Tempest Kick, Enhanced Frostbite, Atomic Glacial Strikes
Martial Elements: Mind RingBlue Dragon Kick, Breath of Arange, Half Moon Kick, White Tiger Strike
Martial Elements: Wind RingTornado Vortex, Dragon Kick, Atomic Crazy Rush
Level 48 Stance Rings
Dobalada Corte Ring ScoutAttaque Devolver, Viento Incierto, Baile de Guerra, Miembro Fantasma
Dobalada Corte RingAttaque Devolver, Dagger Venenosa, Viento Incierto, Baile de Guerra, Miembro Fantasma
Epee Garde RingFente, Sept Etoiles, Balestra Fente, Cent-Ennui
Hunting Blaster RingMenace Shot, Critical Disease, Implosion, Explosion, Claymore
Sabre Garde RingTete, Evasion, Attaque Compose, Esquive Touch
Shotgun Blaster RingMenace Shot, Implosion, Claymore
Siege Burst RingCannon Shot, Wagenlenker, Siege Cannon Shot
Tail Guard RingSweet Dreamer, Armor Crasher, Brandish, Quarto Taglio
Level 56 Stance Rings
Epee Glacier RingFente, Chilling Touch, Absolute Zero, Balestra Fente, Cent-Ennui
Sabre Glacier RingTete, Chilling Touch, Frost Cloud, Esquive Touch
Level 60 Stance Rings
Arbalest RingPoison Bolt, Explosive Bolt, Lian Nu, Dark Judgment
Flame Guard RingSlash Down,Burning Hands, Fireball, Hell Breath, Assassinate
Grim Avant Garde RingArme Bullet, Grim Soul, Croix Fente, Entrer en Lices, Mortal Eternity
Grim Epee Garde RingFente, Grim Soul, Sept Etoiles, Balestra Fente, Cent-Ennui
Grim Guard RingCrescent Moon, Grim Soul, Grind Cutter, Assassinate
Grim Heaven or Hell RingPistol Shot, Grim Soul, Deadly Infinitum, Grind Cutter, Raging Hell
Grim Main Gauche Garde RingContre Attaques, Grim Soul, Eclabousser, L'Arc en Ciel, Parade Riposte
Levitation RingReverse, Photon Splash, Hole of Darkness
Main Gauche Garde RingFente, Eclabousser, L'Arc en Ciel, Parade Riposte
Minstrel RingRhapsody in Black, Berceuse, Rhythm and Blues, Requiem
Level 72 Stance Rings
Elemental Lord RingHell Breath, Absolute Zero, Chain Lightning, Elemental Strife
Veteran Stance Rings
Close Encounters Ring
Glint, Bayonet Assault, Incising Attack, Shooting Star
Domination Fire Ring
Firewall, Lava Plasma, Blazing Pillar, Volcanic Eruption
Incantation Ring
Magic Barrier, Ignore Harm, Invulnerable, Howling of Heaven
Avant Garde Ring
Arme Bullet, Croix Fente, Entrer en Lices, Mortal Eternity
Sidewinder Ring
Sweet Dreamer, Ultimate Dash, Decision
The Defender Ring
Dull Attack, Complete Protection, Tremendous, Massive Charge
Anathema Ring
Confusion, Enervation, Curse, Stone Disease
Cannon Assault Ring
Gloom Shot, Blazing Shot, Roar Shot, Heavy Smashing
Domination Ice Ring
Frozen Field, Ice Plasma, Glacial Lance, Frozen Strike
Stave Guard Ring
Rapid Reach, Allegretto, Piercing Breeze, Zenith
Cauchemar Ring
Vampyric Obsession, Insanity, Death Crest, Eternal Tempest
Domination Lightning Ring
Charged Bolt, Electric Plasma, Lightning Blast, Frenzied Thunder
Forgotten Magic Ring
Frozen Ball, Firestorm, Lightning Spear, Cyclone, Aqua Pierce
Gigantic Blaster Ring
Glitter, Blow Back, Slug Bullet, Still Baton
Low Guard Ring
Triskelion, Sabre Charge, Suspense Violation, Tearing Alternate
Mighty Cruz Ring
Sharp Scythe, Energetic Boom, Savage Hash, Demonic Discharge
Outrage Shot Ring
Sapping Shots, Octet-Stream, Dancing Revolvers, Desperados
Raid Assault Ring
Belladonna, Girandole, Sonic Slice, Feral Tooth
Rapida Espada Ring
Espada de la Rotacion, Espada del Viento, Dragante, Saltos de Ataques, Rapida
Sagitta Ring
Hawkeye Masque, Sub-Machine Shot, Hold Shot, Burst Shot, Silent Move
Serenade Ring
Shining Ballad, Enduring Melody, Jarring Tune, Orpheus
Sight Shot Ring
Ankle Shot, Barrage Shot, Clincher, Exceed Shot
Tactical Assistance Ring
Consolidation, Prompt Action, Divine Blessing, Refresh Mind
Expert Stance Rings
Arnis Ring
Lado Patada, Asesinato, Intoxicacion, Asalto, Rapida Ataque
Augury Ring
Absolute Zero, Chain Lightning, Tenseness, Barsel, Flare
Darkness Ring
Deep Sleep, Improve Disease, Blood Curse, Gloomy Present, Whole Cancellation
Enhance Tactics Ring
Principal, Strategy, Organization, Logistics, Rouse
Equites Ring - Romina
Golpe, Valentia, Blessedness, Agil, Centella
Equites Ring
Golpe, Valentia, Blessedness, Agil, Centella
Flintlock Ring
Shudown Shot, Swift Shot, Penetration Shot, Check Targets, Accuracy Shot
Flintlock Ring - Auch Infantry
Shudown Shot, Swift Shot, Penetration Shot, Check Targets, Accuracy Shot
Flintlock Ring - Rescue Knights
Shudown Shot, Swift Shot, Penetration Shot, Check Targets, Accuracy Shot
Gorgeous Ring
Turning Force, Repulsive Force, Massacre, Psychic, Reverie
Hanging Guard Ring
Harsh Kick, Carnage, Slaughter, Volition, Ruthless
Hapkido Ring
Snake's Bite, Tiger's Swiftness, Falcon's Descent, Serpent's Flurry, Dragon's Soul
Madness Ring
Ele-Invicible, GabyQuake, Third Element, Spell-Bead, Spell-Hale
Occultism Ring
Tenseness, Ice Brill, Breath of Fire, Electric Bluster, Abyss Flare
Rapiere Ring
Punto, Appel, Riposte, Ropera, Cut and Thrust
Rapiere of Grim Ring
Grim Soul, Appel, Riposte, Ropera, Cut and Thrust
Tested Guard Ring
Harsh Kick, Carnage, Slaughter, Volition, Ruthless
Waxing Ring
Impulse, Gruesome, Militant, Merciless, Occult Sciences

This table lists both the resistance rings and the Inherent Skill rings available in the game. Resist rings can be worn by any character who reaches the level required for them. Inherent skill rings can be worn by the listed characters once they reach the required level for them.

Resist & Inherent Skill Rings
Resuscitation Ring
Inherent Skill: Romina, Rescue Knight
Lesser Soul Ring
Mental RES +5~10
Lesser Bulletproof Ring
Shooting ATK damage -2~-4%
Lesser Resistance Ring
Magic ATK damage -2~-4%
Lesser Stone Skin Ring
Melee ATK damage -2~-4%
Soul Ring
Mental RES +11~15
Cat's Eye Ring48
Inherent Skill: Calypso
Concentration Ring48
Inherent Skill: Musketeer, Auch Infantry
Elemental Penetration Ring48
Inherent Skill: Elementalist
Energy Shield Ring48
Inherent Skill: Wizard
Healing Ring48
Inherent Skill: Scout, Soho, Soho the Fighter, Emilia Giannino, Emilia the Sage, Viki
Power of Earth Ring48
Inherent Skill: Gertrude Peterson
Provoke Ring48
Inherent Skill: Fighter, Coimbran Trooper, Grenmah
Raging Wind Ring48
Inherent Skill: Gracielo
Spirit of Arange Ring48
Inherent Skill: Baek Ho
Sprint Ring48
Inherent Skill: Ramiro, Tiburon
Bulletproof Ring
Shooting ATK damage -5~-8%
Resistance Ring
Magic ATK damage -5~-8%
Ring of Meditation
SP Recovery +5~15
Ring of Recovery
HP Recovery +5~15
Stone Skin Ring
Melee ATK damage -5~-8%
Master Soul Ring
Mental RES +16~20
Summon Bear Worker Ring64
Inherent Skill: Claire
Summon Black Reaper Ring76
Inherent Skill: Kurt Lyndon
Summon White Reaper Ring76
Inherent Skill: Eduardo Gygax
Master Bulletproof Ring
Shooting ATK damage -9~-12%
Master Resistance Ring
Magic ATK damage -9~-12%
Master Stone Skin Ring
Melee ATK damage -9~-12%
Destino Ring
Inherent Skill: Selva Norte
Summon Frost
Inherent Skill: Hellena