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  1. For any quest that is part of a chain of events all previous quests must first be completed.
  2. Quest followed with nothing have no required level to accept them. You will need to look at map of area quest is sending you to, to determine if think you are able to complete it.
  3. Quest followed by a number in red are quests that have a required level needed to accept the quest. All family members in team will need to meet the level requirement.
  4. Quest followed by a red X are quests that have other prerequisites such as; another indirect quest, UPC needed to activate, and possibly a level requirement as well.
  5. Repeatable quest are not listed here. Look on main quest page for those.

Levels 1-20


UPC and others

Levels 21-50

UPC and others

Levels 51-77

UPC and others

Levels 78-100

UPC and Others

Veteran and Above

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