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Instanced Raid
Travel to City of Auch
Give Federigo 1 Red Leaf of Rafflesia, 1 Yellow Leaf of Rafflesia, 1 Green Leaf of Rafflesia, 1 White Gold Bar and 150 (?) Shiny Crystals.
He will make a Rafflesia Petal.
Buy a Rafflesia Lobby key (costs 50 Shiny Crystals) from the Backstreet Boy in Auch.
Travel to Ustiur Zona Uno.
Raid can be activated at entrance to Rafflesia (G-6)
Instanced boss has slightly better stats than its normal field raid version.
Can be attempted 1/Day

Normal Field Raid

Ustiur Zona Uno: All channels in the enclosed space at around G6. The entrance is at the base of a large tree.
Key: Leaves of Rafflesia (Red, Green, Yellow).
Location of Key : Mobs in Ustiur Zona 1 and 2

Queen Eater Legs
Race: Armor: Element: Size:
Attack Rating: 54
Defense Rating: 54
LVL: 105

Hp: 2,000,9721
Attack: 139,014
Defense: 118
Fire Resistance: 40
Ice Resistance: 40
Lighting Resistance: 40
Mental Resistance: 40

Queen Eater Torso

Race: Armor: Element: Size:
Attack Rating: 57
Defense Rating: 57
LVL: 110

Hp: 1,292,245
Attack: 64,818
Defense: 123
Fire Resistance: 45
Ice Resistance: 45
Lighting Resistance: 45
Mental Resistance: 45

Queen Eater Egg

Race: Armor: Element: Size:
Attack Rating: 62
Defense Rating: 62
LVL: 120

Hp: 2,298,6126
Attack: 14221
Defense: 133
Fire Resistance: 60
Ice Resistance: 60
Lighting Resistance: 60
Mental Resistance: 60

Queen Eater
Location: Ustuir Zona Uno "Ch1 and Ch2 (Can be raided twice)"
credit finalzanmato on sotwn forum for his guide
First off, what is Queen Widow?
  • Queen Widow is a higher level raid that clans can fight.
What level should we be before fighting Queen Widow?
  • lvl 100+
Where is Queen Widow?
Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New  World
  • Head to G6 at Zona Uno (either channel is fine) and you will find a weird plant that says, "Entrance of Rafflesia". Click on it and you be warped to another room.
Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New World
  • Inside, you will find another Rafflesia plant called, "Rafflesia Gate". In order to enter the gate, you will the three leaves of Rafflesia; Green, Red and Yellow. These leaves can drop from the mobs in Zona Uno. Click on the gate while holding one of each in your inventory and a warp gate will open up. The gate will stay open for a few mins, so make sure your group is their before it closes.
Queen Widow is not up, how long does it take for it to respawn?
  • It takes around 36 hours(?) for it to respawn.
What toons should I bring?
  • As usual, ranged toons are needed to fight Queen Widow, but also remember to bring Elementalists, PF'ers, etc.
So how do I beat Queen Widow?
  • Unlike some of the earlier raid bosses, Queen Widow is technically a 3 part boss battle. It consists of the Widow Torso, Widow Legs, and Widow Egg. In order to really beat Widow, you need to kill off all three parts.
Queen Widow Torso:
  • This is one of the main reasons you must bring ranged toons, because like HellBreaker, Queen Widow Torso cannot be targeted by melee toons (unless you have anti air skills to spam). But unlike HB, Queen Widow regens huge amounts of hp. So you need to be fast in order to topple its regen.
Queen Widow Legs:
Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New World
  • Compared to Queen Widow Torso, the Legs are so much easier to kill, since melee toons can also attack it. It's regen is also much slower than the Torso, but you still want to kill it fast anyways.
Queen Widow Egg:
Bosses  Part 2 - Wiki of the New World
  • Once both the Queen Torso and Legs are down, the Queen Widow Egg will be easily visible. The Widow Egg has much more AR/DR compared to the other two pieces, and it has regen just like the torso, so you need to have high AR and fast attack spd if you want to destroy it.
How does Queen Widow attack?
  • Queen Widow only has 3 attacks, each casted seperately by a different part.
  • The Torso casts Poison Fog, which pulls you under Queen Widow if you're caught in its AoE. If you have low Dr and no Rafflesia buff, this will usually OHKO you. Then again, i think the AoE will kill you, regardless of your DR.. I can't remember. Bosses Part 2 - Wiki  of the New World
  • The Legs will cast the AoE Death Ground, in which it stomps its legs on the ground and knocks the players away from Queen Widow. Yet again, if you don't have the Rafflesia buff, you will probably get OHKO'ed.
  • The Egg casts Silence, which makes you unable to use skills and halts SP growth. This can be a problem if you depend of killing Queen by skill spamming rather than auto attacking more.
What does Queen Widow drop?
  • I've seen Widow drop 84 elites, lvl 92 elite armor recipes, lvl 100 armors and Grand Level Valk Crashers. Note, the Egg usually drops the loot, but the Torso can also drop some equips also. Not sure if the Legs can drop also.
What is this Raffleisa buff?
  • When you enter the Queen Widow chamber, their will also be other random mobs there. With the exception of maybe one or two mobs, the rest look like bigger and buffed up versions of mobs you've seen in the game. All of them have over 50+ AR/DR, so be careful if this is your first time. Every so ofter, after killing these mobs, they may drop a buff called "Rafflesia Petals". This is a 90 second buff that prevents the player(s) from being OHKO'ed by Poison Fog and Death Ground.
Anything else?
  • Spawns are infinite
  • You gain exp from the mobs Bosses Part 2 -  Wiki of the New World
  • Most of the spawn can be attacked by melee toons, but only one cannot be hit by them.
  • Remember to pay attention to your petal buff, it lasts 90 seconds.
  • Queen Widow can be debuffed (especially mortal wound now).
  • Egg can be provoked lol
  • Queen Widow used to be called Rafflesia
  • Beware Poison Fog, if you die under Raff, it's really a pain in the ###### to get a rez sometimes.
  • Queen Widow is the only Insect type raid.
Spawn Time: 24 hours 30mins, +/- 30mins
  • 84 elites
  • lvl 92 elite armor recipes
  • lvl 100 armors
  • Grand Level Valk Crashers.

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