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PvP (literally, "player versus player") refers to competitive play, or direct combat between families. Sword of the New World: Granado Espada has a number of different PvP modes to choose from, with enough variety to keep those who prefer PvP to grind interested. Here are some summaries on the various pvp modes available in-game. More detailed guides are available on sub-pages within this section, feel free to add pvp tips too.

PvP Rooms

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Each town has a PvP Officer, who can host pvp matches on a variety of maps. This is the primary way to have small-scale friendly pvp: invite your friends to the PvP Officer in a town, and play against one another.


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Duels are one-on-one matches that count for Ladder points (visible on your Family Profile, Alt+R). There are two kinds of duels, depending where they are initiated. If initiated in town, when a duel is accepted you and your adversary will be teleported to an instance where you can fight one on one. If initiated in any map zone, the two families will become hostile right where they stand until one of them is defeated (wiped out).

Baron Mode (PK)

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Baron Mode is Player Killing. This mode of PvP does not have to be accepted by a target family. Baron mode is available for families on PK servers (currently Bristia and Illier in SotNW) after they reach Family Level 5. Barons appear hostile to all other players, including their clanmates. Baron PKing causes Exp loss to characters that are killed, however, Baron families lose more exp than their targets and also drop an item upon death.

Barons cannot enter Secret Areas. Baron mode cannot be declared in mission rooms, Faction Fight, or PvP Raids.

PvP Raids

Battle Colosseum, Poison Yard, and Secret Temple are PvP raids, meaning all who enter are hostile to all others except those who they share squad with. The objective is to survive longest and kill the bosses that spawn, and win their drops.

Royal Rumble is a PvP arena in which all families are hostile to one another regardless of squad.

Team Arena is a PvP competition between 2 pre-defined teams (arranged in a mission lobby prior to starting the raid).

La Tierra d'Amor

In La Tierra d'Amor, families who belong to a faction affiliation different from your own will appear hostile to you here. This means that if you belong to a Royalist clan, any family that does not belong to a Royalist clan will appear as hostile. Those who are unaffiliated with either faction (neutral or clanless) appear as hostile to everybody.

Twice daily there is a mini colony war in the La Tierra d'Amor zone in which each faction may attempt to claim the majority of the 5 colonies that appear on the map. This war lasts for one hour and the winner is granted unlimited access to a two-hour 20% experience buff until the next mini colony war. Note that unlike true Colony War, Valkyrie Crashers cannot be used here for colony damage.

Fire Isle

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Fire Isle is primarily a farming zone, but with extremely tight space and universal hostility outside of squads.

Faction War

When two Clans are at war and of opposing Faction (one Royalist, the other Republican), all members of these clans will appear hostile to one another on all maps except in Secret Areas.

Colony War

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Colony War (CW) is SNW's server-wide mass PvP event. It occurs once weekly and lasts two hours (see the Server Timetable to find when it starts on your server). During this time, Colonies in 23 area maps are able to be assaulted and conquered by clans. Additionally, during the period of Colony War, all clans at war appear hostile to each other regardless of faction affiliation.