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Name: MCC Guide
Location: Reboldeaux
NPC: Ancestral Support Soldier
Reward: Beginners Mithridart (10)
1. You will get this quest after completing Basic Combat Education and if your current team is less than 3.
2. Speak to Sir Lyndon
3. Go to quarters and add members to your team.
4. Speak to Sir Lyndon for your reward.

Level Requirement - 6
Name: A City Under Threat
Location: Reboldeaux
NPC: Domingo, Reboldeaux Civil Servant
Reward: EXP Card (3), Polish Initiate (3)
1. Accept quest to be transported to an instance.
2. Using the zone map run your team to red square near top of the map.
3. Kill the Daemon boss.
4. Speak to Domingo for reward.

Level Requirement - 17
Name: The Source of the Taint
Location: Reboldeaux
NPC: Domingo
Reward: EXP Card, Polish Initiate (3)
1. Travel to Al Quelt Moreza, Parsonage
2. Run to door at L5 and use key that Domingo gave you to be transported to an instance.
3. You will need to make way into the large room and lure Dilos Latemn to the doorway (F-7) to kill him.
4. There are 3 copies of Dilos in the room. If you kill the real one, killing the other two is not needed.
5. This will not be an easy fight as he has some very powerful AoE spells for his level.
6. You must complete this quest in order to complete the rest of the Al Quelt Moreza questline.
7. Return to Domingo for reward.

Name: Menendez Battle
Location: Reboldeaux
NPC: Combat Master, Menendez (H-7)
Reward: EXP Card (3), Polish Disciple (3)
1. Accept quest to be transported to an instance.
2. Defeat 5 Reboldeaux fighters.
3. Return to Menendez for reward.

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