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This page compiles the newest additions, updates or revisions to the Wiki. The updates tab only goes so far, and this list view is a lot more convenient, specially if you don't want to shift through just to check out whats new. If you've previously looked in the Wiki and found some missing stuff, chances are, the newly updated pages listed below would cover what were previously missed.

Most of the recent changes to wiki have been removing version notes from most pages. Below is a list of changes involving the recent updates to the game in respect to Sword2. Use the links to navigate to the section you want to look over. Then use the links from those sections to explore them further.

  • Added Coco Pet as quest reward in Reboldeaux Pioneer quests.
  • Added Master martial artist questline.
  • Added Holy Water Chamber questline.
  • Added status list - explains condition effects.
  • Updated changes in armor wearable types for various characters.
  • Added Prelude stance quest to Vincent Rio page.
  • Updated all Expert stances to show stance "feature" effects
  • Changed some of the names of stances on main page to reflect in-game name.
  • Added attack cycle on all stance pages
  • Updated skills on all stance pages to match data on Book of Wind
  • Added map of Battle Arena instance
  • Added timed buff list
  • Added buff type to Colony maps
  • Added city amenities page - explains some old and new features common to cities.
  • Added starter page for Holy Water Chamber
  • Added starter page for Land of Death
  • Added starter page for Arsene's Vault
  • Added instanced boss raids to respective pages.
Colony War:
  • Added changes to combat system
  • Added changes to buffs
Crafting Items: New Section
  • Lists crafting items, where to get them, and what they are used in.
  • Only contains info for high end recipes.
  • Added new rings
  • Added new necklaces
  • Added new belts
High End Equipment:
  • Reformatted entire section
  • Added missing weapon series
  • Added image icons on all items.
  • Added crafter needed on items.
  • Updated changes to some weapons.
The Barracks:
  • Added Secret Guard information and changes.
  • Added new options that can be performed in Quarters.