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Infamous for his buff and regen, the King of Covetry is quite a popular boss for those capable of taking him down due to the possible loot that he drops. King of Covetry, also known as King of Greed or KoG and KoC, spawns and stands stationary at i8 and C5. When he is killed, the entrance to Bahamar, Underground Cave Fl. 2 is opened on the opposite side of the map from where KoC is killed; meaning, the fl.2 warp point opens at D6 if KoC is killed at i8, and at i7 when KoC is killed at C5. It doesn't matter if you drag KoC elsewhere, it's the spawn side that matters. Both warp points lead to Bahamar, Underground Cave fl. 2.

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King of Covetry, boss of the Bahamar Underground Caves, guardian to the lair of Uranus

Level: 110
HP: 2419200
Classification: Undead
Armor: Middle Armor
Element: No Attribute
Size: Large
Attack Rating: 57
Defense Rating: 57 (59)
Attack: 5986 (7075)
Defense: 188 (238)
Fire Resistance: 30
Ice Resistance: 30
Lightning Resistance: 30
Mental Resistance: 30


Location: Bahamar, Underground Caves Fl. 1, all channels
  • Spawns at i8 and C5
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Spawn time: 3 - 4.5 hours after last kill
; does not de-spawn automatically
  • Though you don't get a notification of his spawning, you can get an idea of his death through the "path is open" messages.
  • Due to his long window, it will be well worth your time to check the spawn area every once and a while for campers.
Recommended Classes:
  • Generally, any combination of characters capable of good DPS can take KoC down, even without casting Dispel Magic or using Undead weapons or Expert stances. Yes, he can be soloed even without Undead weapons and Expert stances.
  • Claude, Fighters, Grenmah or BSI are all great in Hanging Guard or Mighty Cruz. Romina can do great with Equites providing she has an Undead weapon.
  • Musketeers can get by with Outrage, specially using guns with Undead mods. Note however, that as KoC has Medium armor, making pistols less effective.
  • For Grace, Najib, Romina (Dex), you can use Flintlock but always remember to switch to Kneeling Shot to make use of Execution Shooter.
  • Elementalists can try spamming Fire Wall primarily, and use the AoE skills of Domination: Fire to kill out the mobs that spawn around the map.
  • ETS and Wizards are best used to cast Dispel Magic in order to remove KoC's buff. The buff greatly increases his Attack and Defense and hence, a squad of weak families may not even be able to break regen. Dispel Magic takes the buff away and greatly cripples KoC, allowing him to be taken down easily.

  1. Make sure to draw his aggro towards a tank first. You can do this via simply having the tank attack alone for a while. Note that aggro may still jump so make sure the tank is capable of doing good damage aside from tanking. This is especially true if you don't have a character capable of casting Dispel Magic.
  2. Have the tank slowly drag KoC against a ledge or wall, or at least, allow yourself to be knocked towards the wall's general direction when KoC attacks.
  3. KoC generally casts his buff upon hitting 50% of his HP, though he's been known to first cast it with less. Once he casts the buff, he will continue to cast it throughout the battle but there will still be moments that he will fight un-buffed. Don't rely on those small windows if you've got low DPS though.
  4. Obviously then, dispelling the buff highly helps. If you don't have a dispeller or don't need one, then simply spam skills.
  5. KoC has 3 attacks to watch out for. The first is an AoE around him. The AoE isn't too big and a pistol user can stay outside of its range. The same goes for an Elementalist using Fire Wall. The second is a blitz attack called Fear of Death. The attack deals good damage and knocks the target back. The third attack is a ranged one which KoC uses if his target is too far away for melee. You can avoid this by closing in again after he knocks you down. This is also the reason why you want to fight against a wall.
Other Recommendations:
  • KoC is one of the most KS-ed bosses around, so if you find him solo, draw him away from his spawn point before killing him.
  • Once KoC is dead, travel to the opposite side of caves by consuming Teleport Scrolls until you make it to the other side, then run to the fl2 portal.
  • If you know Uranus has spawned and you're just waiting to get in, have your raid teams waiting at the appropriate Fl2 entrance while another team kills KoC.
Typical Drops:
  • Elite 92 Armor Recipes
  • Elite 84 Armor Recipes
  • Dragon Heart Recipe
  • Golden Series Recipes
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • Level 96 Enchantment Chips or equipment
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips or equipment
  • Pure Gold Bars
Note that the chances of the recipes dropping are quite rare, with the exception of the Golden Series.

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