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Zone: Prison de Joaquin, Gehenna Bridge
Recommended Level: Veteran
Spawn Time: 5~6hrs

The Map:
Prison de Joaquin, Gehenna Bridge - Wiki of  the New World

Getting to Torture Chamber:
This zone is near the end of Prison de Joaquin. To enter use the warp in any town and warp to Joaquin Lava Plateau then run through Prison de Joaquin, the Mohrgus, Prison de Joaquin, Alter of Despair, Prison the Joaquin, Torture Chamber, and Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere.

Spawn Conditions:
There are no special conditions other than the timer.

The Raid:
Gerrero will usually spawn on the bridge around F/G-7 but can spawn anywhere in the zone. If you have a tank with provoke in the party let them attack him first and pull it up to the entrance room to the zone where there are no monsters. If tank gets stunned scout should run up to cure it only. Do not let scout's auto heal as they will run in and get killed by AoE attacks. All other DPSers should stay at max attack range. Weapons that are modded for Daemons should help speed up killing of Gerrero and using stun skills will help reduce damage from his attacks.

The Boss:
Level: 100 HP: 1,553,798
Classification: Daemon Armor: Hard
Element Size: Large
Attack Rating: 52 Defense Rating: 52
Attack: 5,491 Defense: 156
Fire Resistance: 55 Ice Resistance: 55
Lighting Resistance: 55 Mental Resistance: 55

84 Elite
96 Unique
84 Lord of Elements
96 Chip
Symbol of Aquarius

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