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Known as Gate of Flame or Fire Gate, after the name of its entry point.
Zone name is Whirpool of Flame.

Main boss is Lava Leaf.
Objective: find Lava Leaf and kill it to get the Fire Elemental Key.

Instanced Raid

Travel to City of Auch
Give Federigo 1 Fire Orb, 10 Fire Fire Stone, and 5 Pure Gold Bars
He will make a Fire Crystal.
Travel to Topolo Durga
Raid accessed by selecting instanced version at Gate of Flame entrance (G-5)
Boss has slightly better stats than the normal field raid version.
Can be attempted 1/3days

Normal Field Raid

Lava Leaf

Lava Leaf, boss of Whirlpool of Flame
Level: 108
HP: 11,957,011
Class: Golem
Attack Element: Fire
Size: Large
Attack Rating: 56
Defense Rating: 56
Attack: 43,446 Defense: 198
Fire Resistance: 90
Ice Resistance: -100*
Lightning Resistance: 50
Mental Resistance: 80

The Gate of Flame is located in Topolo Durga (G5), and you need an orb of flame to enter.
11 Orbs of Flame - Extremely rare drop from Topolo Durga, commonly available through the Elemental Keys quest.
Recommended Classes: Elementalists, Scouts, Musketeers and at least one Fighter to tank.
* Once inside you will have to fight some strong fire type monsters, so fire resistance is highly recommended.

How it works: Lava Leaf will be summoned once you activate all ten of the Summoning Towers in the area; each of the towers is activated by dragging an Orb of Flame onto it. All ten Towers are deactivated by attacking any one of them till its HP reaches zero; do not do this (except in the case outlined later on) or you've wasted your orbs. Each Summoning Tower spawns a miniboss near itself when it is activated. While killing the minibosses isn't required to spawn Lava Leaf and complete the raid, leaving them alive crowds the raid area with minibosses after multiple Gate of Flame raids are completed; so clean up after yourself.

Map of Gate of Flame
You must place 1 orb of flame on each of the green dots to summon the lava leaf.


  1. Part 1: Activate all the Summoning Towers.
    • There are two ways to approach this raid: either stand your raid party in one location to wait for Lava Leaf to be dragged to them, and have one well-armored person go around and activate all the towers, or take the raid party to every summoning tower to kill the minibosses as you go.
    • To get to the platform towers at C5 and J5, activate the tower at F5 and two warp gates will spawn at E5 and H5.
    • Similarly, to get to the platform towers C8 and J8, activate the tower at F8 and two warp gates will spawn, at E8 and H8.
    If you choose to, kill all the minibosses that are spawned by the towers.
  2. Part 2: Kill Lava Leaf.
    • Keep your raid party near a wall or corner to attract fewer mobs, and let the tank bring Lava Leaf to them but far enough that dps has to step away from their scouts to attack.
    • Tank Lava Leaf so that he faces away from your DPSers, as his normal attack has splash damage.
    • Keep Scouts and other ressers far out of reach of Lava Leaf so that they can run in and resurrect dead teammates after LL's devastating AOE.
    • Lava Leaf has 2 self buffs: Lava Aura that increases DEF by 200, and Lava Field that increases all Resistances by 70. Dispelling Lava Leaf will remove these buffs, but will not prevent him from casting, so have a Wizard or two near his feet at all times watching for buffs. Make sure the wizards are not in the same squad as your other raiders.
About repeating the raid: 90 seconds after Lava Leaf is killed, all families are ported out of the area. If you want to redo the raid and you have 11 more Orbs of Flame, you can reenter by using another Orb of Flame on the gate. If you didn't kill all the minibosses before killing Lava Leaf, some Summoning Towers might still be activated; if this is the case you have to attack one until it is destroyed to deactivate all the towers and start over. Then you activate each one again using your orbs, and summon the boss. Lava Leaf has no respawn timer; he will spawn every time all ten towers are activated afresh.

Gate of Flame - Wiki of the new world

Note: Pictures and basic information thanks to Acronis from iah forum
One 32ar Fire Gate type weapon (guaranteed), multiple Lvl 84 Elite armors and weapons, random rings, Recipe - Enhanced Flame Resistance Necklace (rare), Fire Elemental Key (guaranteed)

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