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Adding sockets to a weapon/armor will add special pre-set effects to it. I could start a guide and confuse you guys, or I could just "Quote" K2-Kanillius and let him tell you how it works =P Enjoy

Seeing as how the update is just around the corner, I decided to check out one of the new features we'll be seeing. So I stopped by Claire and checked out the new jewel and socket system!
Equipment Sockets - Wiki of the New World

So here's my lovely little elite I just got. Before I can do anything to this, I have to add some sockets to the weapon. Let's give it a try...
Equipment Sockets - Wiki of the New World

Equipment Sockets - Wiki of the New World

DOH! Well it sure is a good thing that your weapon won't break if there are no sockets on the weapon yet. Let's give it another go:
Equipment Sockets - Wiki of the New World

Success! But honestly, is one socket enough? NEED MORE SOCKETS!

Equipment Sockets - Wiki of the New World
(please don't break! sad.gif )

Equipment Sockets - Wiki of the New World

YES! And with that, 2 sockets are good enough for me. I don't have any socket flux to keep my weapon from breaking, and I really don't want to lose this.

Now it's time to collect ore to make the jewels. I went to the Ore Crafter right next to Claire, picked up a collection quest, and I started to do what I do best...

Equipment Sockets - Wiki of the New World

Eventually I got what I needed to make my jewels. Time to talk to Claire again! Place the jewels in the sockets and....

Equipment Sockets - Wiki of the New World

Equipment Sockets - Wiki of the New World


Now to upgrade this to +6! "


1. Q: How do I get Jewels/Rough Ore?Stones?
Rough OreStones randomly drop from bosses/mini-bosses or from mobs from certain zones such as the Poison Yard. Check the different types of ores and their corresponding jewels herein the Rough Stones and Jewels. thread.

2. Q: How do I ensure that I get High Quality Jewels?
A: No matter which method you use, there's always a chance to get a standard quality jewel. WordUsing is that using Mysterious Powder will likely get the best chance to gain a High Quality Jewel.

3. Can I lose an item by adding sockets?
A: No matter how many times you fail the 1st socket slot, your item will not disappear. However, for the 2nd and 3rd slots, you will lose your item if you do not use a Socket Flux.

4. What's the maximum number of sockets an item can have?
A: Weapons can have 3 slots, armor can have 2, while controllers, hammers and pendants can have 1 slot. Ancestral equipment may not have sockets.

5. Can you remove/replace a jewel once placed?
A: You can replace a jewel already inserted in an item via putting in a new jewel. The new jewel will replace the old one. However, the old jewel will be destroyed.

6. Can I lose previous sockets, upgrading or enchantment by failing sockets?
A: No. However, you can replace a jewel as described in #5.

There you go, you can check the original thread here.