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Colony War (CW) is SNW's server-wide mass PvP event. It occurs once weekly and lasts two hours (See the Server Timetable to find when it starts on your server). During this time, Colonies in 23 area maps are able to be assaulted and conquered by clans. Additionally, during the period of Colony War, all clans at war appear hostile to each other regardless of faction affiliation.

The Art of War

All the colonies will reset at the last Thursday of the month.

When a colony battle starts, the battle does not take place in the conventional field. Instead it takes place in the colony battlefield (battle arena).

How to enter the Colony Battlefield during War

Colonist Faction (Clan that controls colony)- Through the Colony Manager
Attacking Faction - Colony Entrance North & South points after declaring war. (refer to map below)
Colony War - Wiki of the New World

The Battlefield
Colony War - Wiki of the New World

Taking Colonies
1. There are 5 Colony Towers in a single zone: C, D, E, F, G
2. The Center Tower HP is 9,000 while all other Towers' HP is 15,000.
3. Center Tower's Protection buff of Def+1 and HP+10%, within a 20m-radius if it is occupied.
4. The occupancy of a colony changes if the attacking party occupies 3 of the 5 Towers.
5. If multiple parties are involved, the 5 Towers may become occupied by different Factions.
6. The Colony does not change ownership just because the number of Towers occupied by the defending Faction has fallen below 3.
7. When a Colony Occupancy changes, all players except the winning Faction are moved to the barracks. All Colony Towers are then owned by the winning Faction.
8. Spinelles cannot be used in the colony battle zone.
9. If no party occupies more than 3 Towers at the end of the Colony War, the party that occupies the last colony wins the colony.

Colonies can be attacked and occupied by Level 52 Clans regardless of faction affiliation.

Colonies take 1 Damage from all attacks except Cannon attacks, and summoned Valkyrie Crashers. Valkyrie Crashers come in different strengths that change their damage output; from weakest to strongest they are: Low Level Valkyrie Crasher (available from Item Merchant NPC), Mid Level Valkyrie Crasher (available from Item Merchant NPC), High Level Valkyrie Crasher (available from Item Merchant NPC for 1.6m Vis), Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher (drops from a variety of Raid Bosses including Diablo, Vergo, and Secret Temple's Skull), and Master Level Valkyrie Crasher (available exclusively through the Feso Shop for 200,000 Feso). Valkyrie Crashers despawn when a family summons a second Valkyrie Crasher or a monster Amber, so only summon one thing at a time.

Currently the map has 23 Colonies (subject to change with the addition of new maps):
  1. Abertal
  2. Bahamar, Murky Bayou
  3. Bonavista River
  4. El Lago de Tres Hermanas
  5. El Canon de Diabolica
  6. El Tejado Verde
  7. Ferruccio Junction
  8. Jezebel Glen
  9. Katovic Snowfield
  10. King's Garden
  11. Lago Celeste
  12. Old Port Coimbra
  13. Porto Bello, Deserted Quay
  14. Porto Bello, Desolate Cliff
  15. Pradera de Ceniza
  16. Rio Albi
  17. Rion Prairie
  18. Topolo Durga
  19. Scorching Plateau
  20. Tetra Hill
  21. Ustiur Zona Uno
  22. Ustiur Zona Dos
  23. Via Fluvial
Unoccupied Colonies are vulnerable to assault by all clans. When it reaches 0 HP, a Colony belongs to the clan whose member wins the most damage on the last hit (the game has to calculate many hits simultaneously, so the biggest hit among them counts as victor--thus, for the last loss of HP, someone who has a Valkyrie Crasher will always win). The Colony owner will be declared via notification and their clan name will appear on the World Map (Alt+W) with the zone name. When a Colony changes hands, all families standing at the Colony Platform who aren't members of the new occupying clan get ported out to the city.

A captured colony is able to be hit only by clans who are at war with the occupying clan. Colonies remain occupied by the clans who claim them after Colony War ends, forever, until they are taken by another clan during a Colony War. Occasionally G1 conducts Colony Resets during server maintenance or patches, which make all Colonies return to the unoccupied state until taken during the next CW.

Colony Benefits

Owning Colonies entitles clans to Market Tax as well as certain individual buffs. The buffs add up for every colony held, but increase less as you own more colonies. The buff per colony starts at 10% but decreases by 1% for each subsequent colony, until it stops decreasing at 5% per colony (see below). The buffs cap at 10 colonies, after that the only advantage to owning more colonies is the Tax and bragging rights.

Additionally, the Colony Manager Hunt Missions reward double the number of monster Ambers to members of the occupying clan.

Clan Member Buff

Colonies Held
MaxHP+Buff per colony

Clan Leader Buff

Colonies Held
1ATK 7% DEF 7
2ATK 13% DEF 13
3ATK 18% DEF 18
4ATK 22% DEF 22
5ATK 25% DEF 25
6ATK 27% DEF 27
7ATK 28% DEF 28
8ATK 29% DEF 29
9ATK 30% DEF 30
10+ATK 30% DEF 30

The tax awarded is the same per colony, and can be determined from the equation (total market tax*.75)/23. The other 25% of market tax goes to the server Premier. The Premier is the elected player whose faction owns the most colonies, which is how all this ties into Faction. Colonies whose owners drop faction (become Neutral) are not counted toward determining the Premier but still do receive tax based on colony possession.

Faction Castle Skills
Faction Castle skills can be used during colony war and on the battlefield against an opposing faction. The skills require a certain kill amount. Once the kill amount is achieved, the skill will be unlocked for use. Only the leader can use the faction castle skill during an opposing faction's occupied area during colony war. Below are screen shots containing descriptions of each skill:

Leader's Blessing
Colony War - Wiki of the New World

Surveillant's Eye
Colony War - Wiki of the New World

Field of Chaos
Colony War - Wiki of the New World

Stun Wave
Colony War - Wiki of the New World

Mass Teleport
Colony War - Wiki of the New World