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Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New World
Bosses Part 2 - Wiki of the New World

Level: 130 HP: 15,842,400
Classification: Devil Armor: Middle
Element: No Attribute Size: Large
Attack Rating: 67 Defense Rating: 67
Attack: 0 Defense: 255
Fire Resistance: 60 Ice Resistance: 60
Lightning Resistance: 60 Mental Resistance: 60

Location: Titan's Remorse (map)
  • Channel 1 only
  • 2 Amethyst Fragments are required pass through Interna de Gigante to get to Corazon de Gigante and ultimately Titan's Remorse.

Spawn Time: 36 hours (or 24-36 variable? need info please)
  • The boss has 3 phases, which he will summon Argus and Bribantra. Refer to article on boss fight. The red circles are buffs to prevent mental weakness from the Brain of Argus. The blue cross is the location of the Brain of Argus.
  • The brain is invincible during the first phase. You have to defeat the summoned Argus to break the protection barrier. Argus has a fairly large lightning AoE (Area of Effect) spell that he uses quite often, so make sure everyone’s health is up and running to survive it.
  • Second phase - The nightmare of Bribantra is back, in triple action! The protection barrier that grants invincibility to the brain is gone in this phase, however only ranged attacks can damage him. Tip of the day, let the melee classes pull the Bribantra to different corners and kill them to avoid the AoE knockdown, ranged classes go full out on the Brain of Argus.
  • The calm before the storm, that’s what describes the third phase best. Now that the irritating Argus and pesky Bribantras are gone, what’s left is to rebuff your squads and go full power on the Brain of Argus. You have a few minutes before this phase ends and the first phase comes again. The Brain has 67 DR and roughly 15 million HP. He has no attack capabilities except for an AoE (Area of Effect) spell that reduces the mental RES of everyone. However, there is a way to counter that.
  • Scattered around the map are beams of light which can be used to buff your family to prevent Mental Weakness. Be sure to keep a lookout on the buff duration.

  • 3 x Elite L84 weapon/armor
  • 2 x L100 weapon/armor
  • 3 x Recipe - Elite L92 armor (Rare)
  • 1 x Recipe - AR 32 Weapons (Rare)
  • 1 x Le Noir (Rare)
  • 1 x Elite Le Blanc (Rare)
  • 5 x L100 Enchantment Chip
  • Recipe - The Will of Argus (Rare)
  • Recipe - The Hope of Argus (Rare)

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