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Sword of the New World Wiki got started late summer of 2007. It’s goal, like all wikis, to give players access to information to help improve their game experience and knowledge of SotNW. With the help of sGE players, who had their version earlier, the founders of this site had somewhere to turn to get them started here.

Slowly, over the course of the next three years, our wiki has evolved into what you see today. The original guides and information have been replaced and improved upon to cover the sites original goal, to be solely based on SotNW. This is not to say that we wait on update releases before we add new info. We still look to all our available web resources to get a heads up on what is coming, build a temporary page to credit the source, then after release, make changes specific to our version.

Now who does all this? The answer is you. Through member contributions all the info found on wiki is built and modified to our game version. Becoming a member of the community is quick and easy, as we would like you to get credit for your participation. Posting information anonymously helps the site, but the credit goes to who actually puts that information on the pages.

We are always looking ahead to our next expansion and ways to improve the usability of the site. Help us make this site the information site for players of SotNW.

Guidelines for Wiki

Editing/Adding Pages:

All site members arecan't freeedit the pages freely since Aug 30, 2010; to edit thea informationpage onyou mostneed to become a Writer, just message one of the sitesmods pages.or administrators and ask them to promote you (make sure to include the reason why you want to edit a page). We do ask that you follow this simple guideline for editing:
  1. Make sure you have gone over all the information for that page. Some pages such as skills pages we like to keep ahead of the current game version so users can see skill changes coming ahead of time.
  2. Make sure the information you are adding or changing is confirmed as being accurate.
  3. Do not make changes to page formats without approval of the moderator team. Look over similar pages if you are unsure about format.
  4. If you are adding a new page such as a new character or a new stance use the templates provided to get you started.
  5. If you are getting the information from an external source give them credit. For example: adding a quest to gain a character not yet available. Book of wind is most often used as a source for this information. Credit them as such. Once the character is available here, this information can be updated for our version.
  6. If you need a page moved send a message to one/all of the moderators.

Discussion Threads:

We will attempt to link to as many other pages as possible to give you faster access to the answers you are looking for. We are adding new discussion categories to help you find discussions that may interest you. If an individual page does not have the information you seek try a search of the wiki and look over previous discussions to see if the question has already been answered before. Make sure when looking over discussions that if you see a » next to it that you click the link for the discussion to see the responses to it. If you still cannot find an answer feel free to create a discussion, place it in the category it fits in, and remember to keep checking back on it to see if it gets answered.

Discussion Threads that will be removed immediately:(repeated threads of these types may result in a user being banned from the site)
  1. This is not a site to find help in game with. Use your world’s competitive discussion forum in G1’s forum for that.
  2. This is not a sell your items site. Use your world’s marketplace forum in G1’s forum for that.
  3. This is not a clan recruitment site. Use your world’s Clan Recruitment forum in G1’s forum for that.
  4. If you are from another game version do not make threads stating your opinion on whose version is better.
  5. Do not make a thread that flames or attempts to belittle another member.
  6. Do not make a thread that has nothing to do with the page content. We are not a social network. Either join a clan or use the General Discussion on the G1 forum.
  7. Request for technical support should be directed to G1's technical support forum. We are players here and do not work for G-1, IMC, or hanbitsoft, we are not your best source to find the fixes you may need.
  8. Bugs should also be reported within the same forum linked in #7. Once G-1 confirms there is a bug we will make a note on the appropriate page(s) stating the details of it.

Discussion Threads that will be removed over time:
  1. Request for information change on a page
  2. Request for more information about something on the page.
  3. Request for clarification of information.
  4. Any other request that has been responded to and resolved.
  5. Request for changes to items, armors, and weapons pages. We are players and this is a game information site, however we are not in the database business. Don't expect us to have information on every single item in the game as this can number in the thousands. We have 2 very good sources for item information databases on the homepage, PortCoimbra and Wordwood, please refer to them if we don't have it here.